How to Decorate a Gift Basket

How to decorate a gift basket is a question that crosses our minds every time we’re thinking about gifting someone special in life. Decorating is gift basket is not a difficult task. All you need is little creativity and release your imaginations out freely. There are myriads of possibilities for making a gift basket from scratch or decorating one. But not all the gift baskets are same and that’s why in the following post, we will discuss some of the fantastic gift basket decoration ideas  for several occasions with a step-by-step guide. 

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How to Decorate a Gift Basket with Tissue Paper

Decorating a gift basket that looks beautiful doesn’t always need expensive supplies. A few colored tissue papers can also do the job perfectly if you know how to use them. Here are the 8 easy steps to decorate a gift basket using tissues papers.

  • Take a gift basket of the shape and size of your preference.
  • Now take 3-4 different colored tissue papers. Pick the color combination as per the occasion. For example; Red and black for Valentine's day. Green for Christmas. 
  • Shred them using a paper shredder, or you use a pair of scissors as well. 
  • Mix all the colored tissue papers. Now you can use them like that, or you can draw patten on them by dropping color, glitters, and ink.
  • Now cover the button and sides of the basket with the color paper of a piece of cloth.
  • Place the gifts and fill the spaces with shredded colored tissue papers.
  • Now take a full-sized tissue paper and hold it from the middle to give it a shape of a fan. 
  • Place several fan-shaped tissues on the top, and your gift basket is ready. 

  • How to Decorate a Gift Basket for a Baby Shower


    Baby shower gift baskets are the most simple ones to make and decorate. A usual baby shower gift basket contains all the generic gifts like some baby toys, pair of clothes, and blankets, but you can spice it up with decoration and some extraordinary items to make a special impression on your loved ones. Here are 7 simple steps to make it.

  • Pick a gift basket
  • Gather all the decoration supplies that include plastic wraps, bow, greeting card, ribbon wooden letters or foam, etc.
  • Create a base with tissue paper, or you can place a new baby blanket at the bottom of the basket.
  • Place the gifts by starting from baby’s mom product like breast pads, lanolin, and cocoa butter. 
  • Add practical items for a baby like diapers, wipes, child toys, pair of socks, baby lotions, and clothes.
  • Apply ribbon to the basket handle and place bow at the front of it. Place a baby shower greeting card at the top of it and wrap a net around the basket. 
  • Use the leftover ribbon to tie the net, or you can create a bow from it as well. 
  • How to Decorate a Gift Basket with a Ribbon


    A Gift Basket cannot be completed with a ribbon or a bow. And people often get confused how to decorate the gift basket with a ribbon. Here are the 10 simple steps. 

  • Gather all the things you would need like a Basket, Ribbon, Scissors, and a Floral wire.
  • Pick the right ribbon as per the occasion. 
  • Cut several pieces of floral wire beforehand and set them aside to use later for placing the ribbon.
  • Cut the piece of ribbon as per your desired length. 
  • Take the cut piece of ribbon and pinch a loop together using your finger and thumb.
  • Leave some extra ribbon for making a tail.
  • Make the second loop using the same technique and repeat it 6-7 times. 
  • Now take the piece of floral wire and wrap it around the center of the ribbon. 
  • Now use the other pieces of floral wire to attach the ribbon bow to the center of your gift basket. 
  • This is one of the ways of decorating a Gift basket with ribbon. You can place multiple ribbon bows as well for the decoration.