Best Canada Gift Baskets Delivery Companies in 2021-2022 - Full List

Over the years, people have been using Gifts Baskets to express their gratitude towards their loved ones. Kids, adults, and even older people use gift baskets in several circumstances. For instance, you present different kinds of gift baskets to your mother,  girlfriend, work peers, and generally whoever you can think of. Although gift baskets might seem minimalistic these days, they still greatly impact the recipient as they’re considered a very thoughtful gesture. But, here’s the catch, you need to have a great-quality gift basket in order to create an excellent impression.  You might have to pay a little extra for the quality you’re getting, but in the long run, you would be saving yourself from the embarrassment of your basket breaking in front of someone. Therefore, In light of these potential mishaps, we’re going to direct you to the best companies in Canada that can deliver high-quality Gift Baskets at the doorsteps of your loved ones. 


If you’re not too keen on spending a lot of money on a gift basket but still want good quality and premium-looking gift, you should check out This is a very popular Gift Basket Store based in Canada that has the best collection of other occasions gifts as well as gift baskets. You can also get gender-specific gifts which include gifts for men as well as women. Moreover, also offers a wide range of luxurious jewels, perfumes, and other fancy trinkets. This online gift basket store is by far the most convenient and reliable place from where you can get all sorts of gifts. Also, the prices here are super market-competitive as compared to other gift basket stores. 

2. Gifts and Baskets

Along with simple gift baskets, the company ‘Gifts and Baskets’ also gives you a wide range of perfumes to choose from. So if you ever want to bring more value to your gift basket, you can add in a cologne or perfume as well. This company has several Luxuy Gift Basket options with reasonable prices. In addition to this, you’ll also have the option to choose from various basket designs and themes. You could buy a gift basket that has chocolates and tasty snacks, or you could also get Exotic and Relaxing Spa Gift Baskets that have shampoos and soaps in them. 

3. Gift Basket Store

If you’re short on time and urgently need a super stylish gift basket, don’t worry, the Gift Basket Store has got you covered. The Gift Basket Store, which is based in Canada, offers stylish gift basket packages that are delivered the very same day you order. The best part is, you can get your package delivered to anywhere in Canada. Apart from their amazing and luxurious gift baskets, the Gift Basket Store also offers flexible payment methods like payment via Mastercard, Visa, Paypal and even American Express. So if you would like your gift basket to be delivered to someone special as a surprise, the payment method would not be an issue. 

4. The Sweet Basket Company:

The Sweet Basket is an Online Gift Canada-based company that deals in various gift basket categories. You will have the option to choose from basic basket packages as well as business packages that cater to an elite audience. Their basic gift baskets collection includes; Balloon Bouquets, Chocolate Gift Baskets, Coffee Gift Baskets, and other ten to fifteen options to choose from. The business gift baskets, on the other hand, include; Top Executive Gifts and Employee Appreciation Gifts, etc. Also, if you’re on a budget, you can filter the price based on the amount you’re willing to spend. 

5. Boodles of Baskets:

With quick delivery and professional craftsmanship, Boodles of Baskets is committed to providing you with only high-quality gift baskets. For any sort of occasion or event, this company will have the right kind of gift basket. All you need to do is give them the specifics and they’ll handle the rest. The great thing about using Boodles of Baskets is that you will get your gift basket the very next day after ordering it. However, one-day delivery services are limited to cities like Windsor and Mississauga.

6. Pacific Basket Company: 

The Pacific Basket Company is an online Gift Basket Store based in Vancouver, BC. The Pacific Basket Company offers its clients different basket options to choose from. Better yet, you can get a gift basket made that is based on a particular theme. The Pacific Basket Company provides a range of themes that you can select based on your preferences. For example, the popular gift basket themes that they are offering include; Baby-themed Gift Baskets, Celebration-themed Gift Baskets, Weekend Getaway-themed Gift Baskets, and many more to choose from. Each themed basket has a different design that looks stunning in its own way. 

7. Yorkville’s gift baskets: 

If you’re looking for a gift basket company that provides wine and champagne gift baskets, look no further as Yorkville’s gift baskets have got you covered. This company offers gift baskets in which you can put wine, champagne, beer, and even liquor. Yorkville’s gift baskets also offer bakery items like cheesecakes, brownies, and cupcakes that they can put inside your gift basket. You’ll also have the flexibility to customize your own gift basket. This means you can tell the company which specific items you want them to put in the basket, and they’ll get it done for you.

8. N. Cracker Sweet gift baskets: 

From Nutcracker Sweet gift baskets you can get a range of the finest chocolate gift baskets at competitive prices. And unlike other gift basket stores, this company also offers gift baskets with healthier food options. These options would include edibles like dry fruits, nuts, and other healthy items as well.  You can also get a gift basket that only has fruits in it. Furthermore, if you want to add other items to your basket, you can do so by simply telling the company. So, if you’re trying to help someone lose weight, you could give them this basket in order to support their journey. 

9.Epic baskets

Epic baskets is another great gift basket company based in Canada. This company has been highly rated by its customers due to its top-quality services and products. Their new baby gift basket collection is something that you should definitely try out. The baby-themed gift basket is perfect for those who just delivered a baby or at least are expecting one. This gift basket contains all sorts of toys and stuffed animals that would make any baby happy. You can also get gift baskets with edibles that are offered by the company as well. 

Final Words: 

To summarize, a gift basket would do you well if you were to give it as a gift to someone. It’s a highly thoughtful gift that many people seem to underestimate. So if you ever want to give a token of appreciation or just want to impress someone you care about, you can always rely on a gift basket.