Best and Unique christmas gift ideas in 2020

As the Christmas holiday approaches, we start feeling the excitement of spoiling our loved ones with a unique gift in Canada. You really want to impress your loved ones  but you do not know what gift to choose ? Here are top 6 best gift ideas in Canada that are ideal for anyone!

Pampering Spa Gift basket

There is nothing better than pampering your loved ones with a custom made spa and pampering gift basket. A spa gift basket to help them relax while having a real spa experience from the confort of their homes . Browse our spa gift baskets


Perfume Gifts Sets

Gifting your loved one with a perfume tailored to their personality can be a great Christmas gift to give. It's a great way to show them you have spent some time and done some digging to find something that really suits them . The beauty is that you can also find your favorite perfume along the way. Check our top seller perfume gift sets

Silver Jewelry 

silver jewelry

Jewelry is a great gift to give on Christmas holidays. Silver is a valuable metal that can be used on different occasions. More precious materials are usually used on classic designs , so they are definitely a good investment that the recipient can pass on to their children. Browse our silver jewelry category

Metaphysical gifts

You don't always have to buy an expensive item. A spiritual home decor such as  A Butterfly Evil Eye wall hanging or green man door knocker may easily do the work.


dancing satuekuan yin statue

Items like Antiqued Bronze Shiva Dancing Statue , 12 1/2" Praying Monk  or a 8 1/4" Kuan Yin might be a good gift idea to give. Browse our unique statues 

Sugar free Gift Baskets

sugar free gift basket

If your friends are careful with sugar, you might consider sending them a sugar free gift basket. Browse our sugar free gift baskets