Best friend gift basket fillers, birthday gift ideas for best friend ( female )

Are you worried about what birthday gift you can present to your female best friend? Is she a quirky teen? We have some ideas in hand that you can keep in mind when you go to the store to buy a gift basket for her or plan to design one by yourself. 

So let’s get started.

  • Bath and Shower Gift Basket - This luxury basket is generally packed up with scented soaps, face masks, calming lotion, shampoos, and/or scented candles all of which are essential for girls to look beautiful and glamorous.
  • Nail Polish Gift Basket- This is a perfect gift set for any girl. It comprises nail polish and other grooming materials such as nail polish, nail polish remover, pumice stone, etc that makes it a useful little gift basket.
  • Sports Gift basket - You can either purchase it from a store or you can prepare one by yourself by adding in various sports-related equipment. The equipment that will go into the basket will, of course, depend on your friend’s favorite sport. A sports magazine and/ or sports cards can make the gift basket look even more appealing. 
  • Kitchen Gift Basket - It is a gift for any girl who loves cooking or will be getting married soon. Also, this will be useful for any friend of yours who will be moving out of their family home. You can use a mixing container and fill it up with different types of kitchen utensils like a spatula, large spoon, etc.

Try to be prolific with how you present the gift to your best friend. This will make her realize that you have put in both hard work and also your deepest thought while designing the gift basket for her and she will feel special about it.