Corporate Contact form.


1- I will place a bulk corporate order, does free shipping over 99$ discount apply to me?

Yes, Any order that hits the 99$ threshold is qualified for free shipping. 

2- Example scenario: We will order 200+ pieces but each product will go to a different address , how can i place an order?

Option 1 ) you can add to cart one by one and add recipients info ( address name and etc.. ) as a note each time . 

Option 2) Simply place your bulk order and send  us recipients' details for each product via email ( excel, google sheet or word doc is preferred) 

3- I would like the package be delivered  next month on a specific date?You can order now and put your requested shipping / delivery date as a note. Your order will be shipped on your requested date.

If you have any further questions related to corporate orders please send an email to with the subject line "Your Company Name- Corporate Order"

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