The 10 Best Gifts for College Students

So, you know someone who’s going to college soon and want to surprise them with a nice gift. Well, it’s a very nice intention. Besides, there are many things college students will benefit from receiving as a gift before moving to campus. The main issue here is to choose something truly meaningful, useful, and practical. Here are our top ten choices for such gifts. 

Power Bank

A student is always on the move. They are active, never in one place, and always lack time. Of course, such conditions are not perfect for keeping a full charge on a phone and other gadgets. That’s why a portable charge or power bank will make great gifts. Such a gift says, ‘I don’t want to lose contact with you, even for a few hours, when your phone dies.’ Besides, keeping a full charge on the phone can also be a matter of safety. Just make sure to get a lighter version for more comfort. 

Coffee Machine

Coffee and students are inseparable. So why won’t you give a student a gadget they will use every day? It will remind them of you. Some particularly tough mornings will bless your heart for such a wonderful gift. Besides, coffee machines come in a great variety of types. So, you can give something easy and more mechanical as an espresso machine. On the other hand, you can buy a V-60 or French Press for a more delicate coffee taste.

Travel Toiletry Bag

A travel toiletry bag can be of great convenience to young people. First, it’s a perfect way to store all toiletry necessities in one place. Secondly, this way, you are good to go at any moment. Traveling, moving between home and campus, or taking road trips with such a bag is so easy. Overall, it’s a great time saver when it comes to packing and searching for bathroom necessities. 

Fabric Steamer

A fabric steamer is a much more convenient, fast, and fun way to iron clothes. It doesn’t require much space when used or stored. Just put a dress or shirt on a hanger and go over it with a steamer a few times. It reduces any wrinkles and worries. A student will always look well-put and organized, all due to your care. They will certainly be happy to have such a gift in their closet. 

Instant Pot

Cooking is rarely a young person’s forte. It is a skill that comes with time and practice. However, college years are hardly the right time for it. Young people are already too busy with homework, jobs, and social life. Hence, an instant pot is a great solution to stay healthy, maintain good eating habits, and save lots of time in the process. Meanwhile, they can spend time at, looking for the best services and essay writers for their assignments. 

Laptop Cooling Pad 

A laptop can overheat just like a young person’s mind after all that hard work they are doing. So, a cooling pad can be a great asset in such a situation. A cooling pad will prevent a laptop from overheating. So, it will serve longer, perform faster, and won’t freeze every few minutes. Besides, a pad can also help decrease wrist tension and discomfort. They set a laptop to a nice working angle, which is perfect for long typing lessons. 

Air Purifier 

An air purifier can be an excellent gift to a young person. It will keep them healthy and well. Such a gift can improve one’s mood and even cure homesickness. A student can use essential oils to recreate the smell of home. Moreover, lots of essential oils have numerous health benefits, like increasing mental sharpness, curing colds, purifying air from microbes, and improving focus and concentration. 


Of course, a planner is an absolute must-have for any young person in college. Such a gift will help them with time management, organization skills, and setting priorities. You can even put some of the important dates, like family events and birthdays, into the planner to make the gift a little more personal. You may also seek planners with built-in templates and layouts for easier planning. 

Water Bottle

Frequent water intake will keep a person healthy and energized. Yet, tracking your hydration during a busy day on campus can be hard. That’s where a good water bottle can help. Such a bottle can help students see how much water they’ve drunk during the day and how much more they need. Besides, a water bottle can also be a nice accessory as well as the first step into a healthy lifestyle. 

First Aid Kit

Last but not least, every student needs to have a proper first aid kit in their room. Unfortunately, not all young people know how to create one and what it should consist of. That’s where you can come into play. Prepare a perfect first aid kit with the necessities and medication one needs in case of any health issues, from headaches to emergencies. Of course, it’s not a gift you hope they will use, though you surely will be happy to know it is there when the situation arises.