Canada Christmas 2021 Gift Guide - Full List of Recommendations

 As summer comes to an end people are already transitioning into the holiday spirit. With September just around the corner, December will be here before you know it. Want to get a head start on your gift shopping this is the perfect article to read. We will be covering the latest trends, prices, duties, and the best gifts for any occasion. 

Gift baskets are one of the trendiest gifts right now and are becoming everyone's go to gifts nowadays. They're convenient and require minimal effort. With a wide array of gift baskets, you can shop for anyone and for any occasion. These baskets are beautiful, eye-catching, and aesthetically pleasing. The best thing about these baskets is that you can find one suited for anyone. Online sites offer baskets of all sorts ranging from perfumes to wines, to chocolates. 


What do you give a Canadian as a gift?

There are many things you can give as a gift to Canadian’s this year. Gift baskets are a great route to go. These baskets are nicely prepackaged and require zero effort from your part besides simply inputting your credit card information! There are many great options out there depending on your preferences. Here are just a few options!

Elegant Times Gift Basket 

This classy and elegant basket is perfect for any wine, cheese, and chocolate lover. This basket contains many different products and is extremely versatile. This is one of most popular and top-rated baskets. All customers were and continue to be extremely satisfied with this one! Moreover, offers extremely fast shipping to all of Canada. A great gift and can be purchased at the last minute.


Snack Attack Gift Pack

This $60 gift basket is perfect for any candy lover. While it is not as elegant as more expensive baskets it is nicely packaged and is a great gift for anyone who loves sweets. This gift basket is on the cheaper side but is perfect if you're on a budget. The basket includes Reese Minis, M&M’s, Jelly Belly’s, Skittles, and more. A fun and unique packaging for a sweet occasion.

Lavendar Spa Gift Basket for Women with Spa Gift Set

Unlike the other two baskets this is not a traditional holiday themed basket. However, this basket is still great for the holidays because the holidays are about celebration and relaxation. A great gift for your mom, daughter, aunt, grandmother, whomever really. The basket comes with a massage roller, slippers, creams, and much more. Not to mention its beautiful packaging! 

Kouros Gift Set by Yves Saint Laurent

While this is not a gift basket it is another great gift option for perfume lovers. offers many different perfume collections for both men and women. They sell all your favourites. For instance this lovely collection is the Kouros Gift Set by Yves Saint Laurent which is the perfect gift for your husband, nephew, uncle, son, friend, etc. 

Jimmy Choo L’eau Gift Set by Jimmy Choo

And this lovely perfume gift basket is featured in the women's fragrance section. This set is the Jimmy Choo L’eau Gift Set by Jimmy Choo. Beautifully packaged and a great gift for any woman in your life!

How can I send an online gift to Canada? 

It's simple. It can be done in a few simple steps! 

  1. Choose your gift.
  2. Add your gift to the cart.
  3. Input your credit card information.
  4. Add your personal information (name, phone number, email)
  5. Add your address
  6. Press the confirmation button and the rest is taken care of!

It’s as easy as that! The whole process once you choose the gift takes about two minutes!

 Do you pay duties on gifts to Canada? 

Absolutely not! ships all the goods from Canadian Locations . If you are located in Australia, United States, Europe, Latin America or anywhere in the world you can get your loved ones amazing gifts without having to pay a cent in duties!

What are the top gifts for Christmas 2021?

Gift baskets were popular in Christmas of 2021 and will also be popular this Christmas. Here are some of the top gifts from Christmas of 2021 sold on

Italian Gondola

This beautiful basket will get you into the holiday spirit. The stunning gold plated basket and decorations add just the right amount of flare. The box contains , truffles, biscotti, chocolate almonds, and much more. This basket is more on the expensive side and is $149.

Candy Canes and Christmas

This beautiful Christmas basket is packaged like a traditional Christmas gift. The basket comes with caramel corn, chocolate, salted caramel cookies, and more. This basket is $95 and is the perfect option that radiates holiday spirit and has some delicious holiday snacks.

What should I get my parents for Christmas in Canada? 

The Perfect Gift for Dad: Rainbow Gift Basket

This basket is much more elegant and obviously much more expensive. This beautifully packaged basket is $285. This basket comes with all sorts of goodies including high end chocolates, toffee, chocolate chip cookies, and much more. This gift basket is extremely versatile and great for practically anyone. If you have a bigger price range this gift basket is an option. Like mentioned earlier, there are tons of options, it just depends on your preferences.