The Best Designer Sunglasses for Your Loved Ones

With the winter months on the horizon, you may be starting to plan your Christmas gift list in order to get ahead. Unfortunately, almost half (49%) of in-person Canadian shoppers encounter difficulties finding the availability of items they wish to buy as gifts. This is largely due to mainstream demand, which also leads to supply chain issues.

One clever way to get around this hurdle is to gift items distinctive from the winter season, such as sunglasses. While not the first things that come to mind during winter, there are more than a handful of reasons why sunglasses would be a fine choice as gifts, especially for those who want something unique to go against the norm of traditional cold weather gifts.

Why sunglasses are a great gift for the winter
Regardless of whether you’re looking to gift your partner, parents, children, or friends, you will definitely find a pair of sunglasses that they are sure to fall in love with. This is because this eyewear comes in a large variety, with lens and frame styles ranging from different colors, shapes, and sizes. Not only are these sunglasses stylish, but UV-protective sunglasses can provide substantial eye safety year-round. This makes sunglasses a more versatile gift that your loved ones will enjoy through the winter and beyond.

Below are only a few of the remarkable designer sunglasses brands that you can check out while you go on your Christmas gift shopping spree.

Michael Kors

Being one of the leading fashion designers in the world, Michael Kors’ unique sense of style is renowned among celebrities and fashionistas alike. From classic aviators like Chianti to stylish cat eyes like Empire Square, their women’s sunglasses come in different sleek and chic models, with gradient lens options available to add a touch of playfulness. Like most other designer sunglasses, they have built-in UV protection, as well as polarized lens models for those who want extra protection against glare. They can also accommodate prescriptions for those who need them. This winter, gift a special woman in your life a pair of Kors’ designer sunglasses to keep their eyes happy and their style hot.


For something extra special, Versace’s bold designer sunglasses might be just what you’re looking for. Made with only the finest materials, Versace serves up an exceptional balance between style and function. From their sleek black Medusa models that come in a variety of unique shapes to translucent pink and white Endless Greca frames, nearly every piece is punctuated with impressive gold fixtures and built-in protective UV lenses that are sure to serve as a memorable gift for this winter Christmas season.


If you’re gifting sunglasses to someone who is involved in sports or likes to engage in outdoor activities, they are sure to appreciate designer sunglasses from one of the leading sportswear brands. Besides Oakley sunglasses having superior UV protective properties, many of them now also come in wraparound styles such as the Flak and Fives Squared models to also protect the eyes from dust, dirt, fiberglass, and other common hazards. Oakley also specializes in color tuning and detail enhancement for outdoor environments, making them optimal for both sports and winter use. Since Oakley also comes in more performance-geared designs, they double as classic men's sunglasses.

Saint Laurent

For those who are looking to gift an outgoing friend or family member with a colorful personality, look no further than Saint Laurent shades. When it comes to sunglasses, oversized sunglasses are all the rage this winter, and for good reason. Not only are they the perfect accessory for those who want to make a statement with their outfits, but they also provide great coverage from the sun. From their classic Blaze oversized glasses to cute heart-shaped Loulou glasses, Saint Laurent provides a wide range of sunglasses with perfect combinations of style and protection.

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