How to add height to a gift basket?

One of the most popular questions these days is how to add height to a gift basket. In this article we will briefly explain how you can make your gift basket look taller.  

First of all, you need to have everything stay upright in a gift basket . The big secret is that you need to have a gift basket that is snug around all of the products so that all the products are elevated, stay upright and look great when it's presented to whomever you're giving the gift basket. These types of gift baskets are ideal to make for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and so on. 

In order to add height to a gift basket, everything does not have to be inside of the basket. Small Items like cookies, crackers, snacks  and cheeses can sit on the top of the basket’s rim. . They could be sitting up on the rim.  From there you can take your regular tape but you really want to use a clear tape. You need to make sure that nothing falls apart. You can take the tape and place it between the two items so the items can sit upright together. That's one of the things that we have to do to make sure that everything stays upright properly. The same with the products in the front, even though they're not on the baskets rim they can be held up by the big boxes in the back. So, you put the larger items in the back, smaller items in the front and fill it in with some shred to make sure that you have some kind of enhancement on the side and there we go.  You have a beautiful gift basket for the holidays or for any occasion